Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sojourn in Makkah

Our first day trip in Makkah was on Tuesday 22nd of August. (Since we spent only three days in Makkah, that was the only trip we had.) We got onto the buses in the early part of the morning, shortly after the morning prayer at the sacred sanctuary, to avoid the mid-day heat. Our first stop was the Cave of Thaur (ghar thaur) in which the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of God be upon him, and Sayyidna Abu Bakr took refuge during the migration to Madinah.

We also visited the plain of Arafah, the plain mentioned in the hadith: “Hajj is Arafah.” Ustad Yahya Rhodus gave a short talk not far from the base of the plain regarding its significance during Hajj. He also talked about the Final Sermon of the Messenger of Allah, peace and prayers be upon him, given from the base of the mountain, Jabal Rahmah, at Arafah during his final pilgrimage. Ustad Yahya mentioned the fact that some scholars deem it a mortal sin to be present on the day of Arafah and not assume that Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala has forgiven all of one’s sins.

The next stop was Muzdalifah, where during Hajj, pilgrims gather stones in preparation for the final rites of the symbolic stoning of the devil. From Muzdalifah, we drove through Mina but without stopping, as renovations were taking place in preparation for the next Hajj season, only months away. As we drove through Mina, we passed by the masjid Hif, which is where many prophets had prayed. Also located at Mina is the masjid which marks the spot known as al Aqabah, where the Messenger of Allah, peace and prayers be upon him, met with about a dozen of the early Muslims of Medina (at that time still known as Yathrib). At this meeting, those Muslims pledged allegiance to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessing be upon him. The following year, approximately 73 men and women met with the Messenger, peace and blessings upon him, and pledged their allegiance to him, promising to defend him as they would their own families. The masjid at this spot, in accordance with these two meetings, is known as the Masjid of the Pledge (masjid al-bay‘ah).

We also stopped at the Mountain of Light (jabl nur) and Ustadh Yayha spoke about how that was the mountain the Prophet, peace and blessings upon him, used to climb and would meditate in the cave of Hirah, which is located on that mountain, and which is where he received the first revelation. The students did not climb the mountain as it takes most people over an hour to climb it.

The Grave of Sayyidah Khadija

One of our final stops was outside what is still considered the main cemetery of Makkah, Ma’la. This is where Sayyidah Khadijah and many of the Prophet’s companions are buried. Sayyidah Khadija’s grave is in a corner, the remotest corner from where we stood. The grave is enclosed by walls and is not clearly visible from the road. The cemetery, with its immense significance to Muslims, has retained its simplicity. None would know at first glance that it holds some of the people closest and dearest to the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him.


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I'm a journalist working for the Arab News in Jeddah. I would like to perhaps write a feature on the rihla and was wondering if you would email me your telephone number in Saudi Arabia.


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Shaykh Hamza has been a great avenue for me in realising the reality of Islam. Although i've tried in the past, I havent been successful in obtaining information which I could follow up to study under Shaykh Hamza. Pls could you advise me of any releant info? Note, i've emailed Zaytuna many times, they continue to advise me to keep my "eyes peeled" for any oppertunities on the site, which dont seem to be blossoming. May Allah reward you. Note, i'm 20, from the UK.


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